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Casio SE-S10 X Edition

Casio SE-S10 X Edition Cash Register

Casio SE-S10 X Edition Cash Register

The Casio SES10 X Edition is exclusive to us & is available at the same price as the standard model whilst current stocks last. The Casio SE-S10 X Edition has all the functions of the standard model plus the following upgrades -

X EDITION - Upgrade Insert With Removable Coin Trays
X EDITION - Memory Protection Batteries
X EDITION - 3 x Forged Note Checkers
X EDITION - Print Head Cleaning Tool
X EDITION - Includes UK Mainland Delivery
X EDITION - Optional 3 Year Warranty


Casio SES10 X Edition is our most popular entry level cash register - full size cash drawer & the personalised receipt header and bargain basement price make it appeal to retailers across the UK including boutiques, clothes shops, hair salons, charity shops, grocers, pet food shops, health food shops, general retail, book shops, pop up shops & many more independent traders. The X Edition includes memory protection batteries, forged note checkers, print head cleaning tool & free delivery at no extra cost, + the option of extending the warranty to 3 years.

Price: 269.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Till Rolls
X Edition 3 Year Warranty